What To Look for in a New Apartment in Springfield, MO

The process of looking for an apartment can be a little overwhelming – there’s a lot to consider, and you might forget some important items on the walk-through. Consider the list of items below that you might not think of when deciding what to look for in a new apartment.

Signs of Pests

You don’t want to move into an apartment only to discover that there is a rodent or pest problem. When you’re in the kitchen area, carefully look for rodent droppings, traps, or other indications that there are unwelcome visitors in the apartment.

Electric Outlets

When you’re looking at apartments, especially older apartments, the location and availability of electrical outlets can be important. Older apartments may have few outlets, and those outlets may not be updated. As you walk through the apartment, look for and even test the outlets to make sure that they’re functioning and available where you need them.

Safety Measures

Safety should be a major priority when you’re evaluating a new apartment. To get a sense of the apartment’s overall safety, look at the surrounding area – if items are left out on neighboring apartment porches, then you’re probably in a neighborhood with a low theft rate.

Next, check the apartment doors to make sure that they lock securely. If the doorknobs or hinges are loose, then you will want to make sure that they can be repaired before you move in.

Don’t forget fire safety, too. Check for the presence of smoke detectors, and make sure that the apartment has a second exit in case of a fire.

Cell Phone Reception

There’s nothing worse than moving into an apartment only to discover that you have no cell phone reception and need to invest in landline phone service. Be sure to bring your cell phone along to the apartment showing and check to make sure that you have reception in areas such as the bedroom and living room.

Adequate Parking

Never assume that parking is included with an apartment. Make sure to ask about the specific number and location of parking spaces included in your lease. Make sure that you have a chance to look at the parking lot’s location – when you do, try to envision what the walk from the parking lot will be like in all different types of weather.

A Fair Lease

Never sign a lease without having thoroughly read it first. You don’t want to get trapped in a lease that puts unfair demands or restrictions on you. If the lease is long, then ask to take a copy home to read over before you agree to sign it. Remember, leases are legally binding, so make sure that you understand exactly what you’re agreeing to.

Knowing what to look for in a new apartment can help you to spot potential issues before you ever sign a lease. You’ll also be able to recognize a quality apartment when you find it. 

The History of Park Central Square in Springfield, MO

At the center of Springfield, Missouri’s downtown area lies the Park Central Square. A landmark of the town, the square’s history dates all the way back to 1835. Learn more about the history of Park Central Square in Springfield, MO to better understand its rich heritage.


In 1835, John Polk Campbell, the founder of Springfield, donated fifty acres of land. This parcel included two acres of land which would become the public square. A year later, the town’s first courthouse was constructed in the square. 

The Civil War

In 1861, Union troops marched into the square, and the courthouse was burned. A year later, Union troops again entered Springfield, this time occupying a new courthouse that had been constructed. Two battles occurred in Springfield: the first, taking place on October 25, 1861, was won by the Union. The second battle took place on January 8, 1863 and resulted in a withdrawal by the Confederates.

The Springfield National Cemetery, located on East Seminole Street, was created two years after the war’s end. Both Union and Confederate soldiers were buried in the cemetery.

The Shootout

Wild Bill Hickock and David Tutt engaged in a pistol quick-draw duel in the Springfield town square. The men, both gamblers, argued during a game of poker, and resolved to settle the argument by dueling the next day. Hickock won the duel and Tutt was killed, but Hickock was arrested for manslaughter three days later.

Financial Troubles

Suburban shopping centers drew profits away from the Park Central Square during the 1960s. The Downtown Springfield Association decided to try to revitalize the area by implementing a new design. After searching for an architectural firm which could revitalize the area, the Association hired Lawrence Halprin.

Design of the Square

In 1970, the square was dedicated as a pedestrian plaza. Famed landscape architect Lawrence Halprin designed the new layout of the Park Central Square in the 1970s. The new layout focused on pedestrian needs and providing spaces large enough where the town’s population could gather.

Modern Advancements

In 2007, the Park Central Square was renovated again. Attention was paid to Lawrence Halprin’s original intended design, and the renovation focused on increasing safety and accessibility throughout the area. Improved lighting, more wheelchair ramps, and the installation of security cameras were some of the project highlights.

The history of Park Central Square in Springfield, MO is rich and intriguing. When you stand in the Square, you’re in a historic and notable location.